March 26, 2011

squared pants

hey, I'm the biggest fan of someone... humm I think its not someone, its something, sommething yellow, sponged, and squared pant, yeah! you must be recognized this thing, its the funniest, cutest, most stupid and annoying thing in the world, its spongebob squarepants, I collect everything about it, he's so cute, I think I wanna eat this thing, and of course I love spongebob's friends too, they are equally stupid, but I love them!

spongebob & patrick

Something must be wrong with my brain!


Get out of my head! LEAVE MY BRAIN ALONE!!!

That looks like the toilet plunger I threw out yesterday.

That ain’t no toilet plunger! This here’s an antique! It’s umm… err… a 17th century soup ladle. See?

Man, was I using mine wrong.

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